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6/29/2020 » 7/31/2020
Meaningful Portfolio Implementation: Using Goal Setting, Reflection... (Online Institute)

Webinar: Let Go to Move Forward

7/13/2020 » 7/15/2020
27th International Conference on Learning

7/13/2020 » 7/17/2020
Summer Institute: Assessing Language Learners’ Communication Skills via Authentic Communicative ...

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Professional Development Webinars

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese 
and co-sponsors work together to provide AATSP members with professional development opportunities.


During the academic year AATSP and co-sponsors offer webinars on current topics of interest to instructors of Spanish. These webinars help instructors  create new curricular offerings, utilize new instructional strategies, and design new assessments.  In addition, the webinars present up-to-date information on standards,  education policies, and international trends as they relate to the teaching of Spanish.


The AATSP is currently working with several partners to offer new professional development webinars throughout the year.



Upcoming Webinars:





Recent Webinars


El impacto del COVID-19 en las comunidades
indígenas de Chimborazo, Ecuador

May 4th, 2020 with Luis Alberto Tuaza, Ph.D.
Click here to access the recording. 


Los 6 componentes de todo curso online y sus herramientas

April 7, 2020 with Maria Mercedes Freeman and Alejandro Hortal
Click here to access the recording.
Click here to access the presentation.  


Keeping the classroom door open when the school is closed

March 31, 2020 with Rebecca Aubrey, T.J. Troche, and Meredith White
Click here to access the recording.
Click here to access the chat script. 


Buenas prácticas en la enseñanza de español en línea

March 19, 2020 Maria Mercedes Freeman, Alejandro Hortal, and Catherine Lupo
Click here to access the recording. 


The Power of Advocacy for Language Professionals

March 19, 2020 with Martha Vásquez
Click here to access the recording.  


(Part II) Teaching for the Long Term Memory: Have you ever heard
“I studied Spanish for 2 years, and I don’t remember anything!”?

March 2, 2020 with Krista Chambless
Click here to access the recording. 


Measuring Student Learner Outcomes through 
the new National Spanish Assessments

February 27, 2020 with Kevin Cessna-Buscemi
Click here to access the recording.


Aprendizaje significativo y español
con fines específicos en tres áreas

February 20, 2020 with Diana Ruggiero 


La enseñanza de cultura en el aula de L2:
perspectivas y prácticas a través de proyectos

January 30, 2020 with Liliana Padres, Joan Munné, and Lisa Merschel
Click here to access the recording. 



(Part I) Teaching for the Long Term Memory: Have you ever heard 

"I studied Spanish for 2 years and I don 't remember anything!"?

January 27, 2020 with Krista Chambless
Click here to access the recording.



Dual Immersion and Its Importance for Social Justice

October 17, 2019 with Kim Potowski
Click here to access the recording.


The End of Knowing

September 26, 2019 with Sugata Mitra
Visit Difusión to access the recording. 


Slow Teaching: reflexiones sobre nuestras creencias y prácticas 
con los materiales didácticos de ELE

March 6, 2019 with Francisco Rosales Varo
Visit Campus Difusión to create a free account and access the recording.

  Engage Your Students Beyond the Classroom
With Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica 

February 21, 2019 with Kelly Scheetz and Ken Stewart 
Visit Vista Higher Learning to access a free recording.


Speak up! Empowering the Interpersonal Mode in the Spanish Language Class

January 24, 2019 with Megan Budke

Visit Vista Higher Learning to access a free recording.


La adquisición del lenguaje: mitos y verdades

January 17, 2019 with Bill VanPatten

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