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Classroom Resources: Websites of Interest - Spanish



  • provides the URLs for more than 400 websites that are useful for teachers of world languages
  • provides a review of each of the websites listed
  • is divided into three language categories
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Multilingual

The websites listed offer content that includes…

  • classroom activities and materials
  • teaching tools such as graphic organizers and essay maps
  • cultural information
  • online dictionaries, newspapers and magazines
  • radio programs, podcasts, ebooks, songs, films, stories, cartoons
  • virtual museum visits
  • professional resources for world language teachers

The reviews of each website

  • provides a summary of website content
  • indicates who might benefit from using the website
  • describes the degree of difficulty of the material found on the website
  • explains whether or not there is a cost to use the website
  • provides instructions on how to subscribe to the website when pertinent

The AATSP is pleased to highlight these cultivated, quality websites as potential resources of interest to educators of Spanish and Portuguese. The websites may focus specifically on Spanish or Portuguese, or they may be generic in nature and useful to many languages. They have been selected for their rich content, and the AATSP receives no remuneration for linking to these resources. 

Use your browser´s FIND command and the following keywords to navigate this list:  app, art, blog, business, classroom materials, cross-curricular, culture, current events, dictionary, elementary grades, film, free materials, health, heritage learners, jobs, journal, law, language for specific purposes, lesson plans, listening, music, podcast, professional resource, reading, student tool, teacher tool, technology, travel, writing.







9letras is a blog by Alberto Albarca Fillet of Huesca, Spain.  Alberto shares his free elementary Spanish resources along with a huge number of printable activities for young learners.


Keyword:  elementary grades


A Green Mouse


This  website was created in 2012 and shares French and Spanish video resources and language practice for children.  The resources include French and Spanish stories, grammar, topics and activities aimed at children at beginner and intermediate levels.  There is no charge to the website and it also has its own youtube channel at


Keyword:  elementary grades, classroom materials

A Media Voz: Spanish Poetry Website

This website offers access to a comprehensive selection of poems from Spanish and Latin American poets as well as Spanish translations of major poets from other countries. The poems are indexed by poet name and in many cases there is an audio file available, often of the poet reading his or her poem. 


Keyword: reading


Abanico Internacional | Sitio para comunicarnos en español y explorar las culturas de los hispanohablantes


Abanico Internacional is a blog dedicated to the exchanges of ideas and resources about the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam.  The blog is organized according to the six AP themes and essential questions.  Students are encouraged to interact with  each other by commenting on resources.  This blog is maintained by Dr. Amy E. Gregory of the University of Tennessee.

Keyword: classroom materials Noticias de España y del mundo 


This site offers ABC news from Spain and around the world in Spanish.


Keyword: current events



The University of Kansas Collaborative Digital Spanish Project Acceso is an interactive curriculum for intermediate-level learners of Spanish. The materials on this site are provided freely to the public and are supplemented by an online workbook as well as detailed lesson plans, rubrics for the evaluation of student work, and reliable instruments for measuring student progress and learning outcomes.

Keyword: classroom materials

Acti / España: Revista de Auxiliares de Conversación

Acti/España is an annual publication of the Conserjería de Educación that offers  a collection of engaging classroom activities appropriate for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  Each issue has 6 activities for each level of student.  Activities and accompanying materials are available for download in pdf format.  Recently the URL for this website has not been active.  You can find pdf copies of Acti/España to download by doing a Google search.

Keyword: classroom materials


Actividades Infantiles y Educacion Preescolar en Primera Escuela


Primera Escuela offers engaging pre-school activities and materials in Spanish. There are worksheets, pages to color, puzzles, games, stories and more, all covering a wide range of topics from art appreciation to transportation and all directed at pre-school children ages 2 to 6 years old. Most of these resources can be downloaded without charge.

Keyword: elementary grades

Advanced Spanish Worksheets & Resources for Teachers and Students | Free Spanish Learning Resources


This website offers a comprehensive  collection of practice activities appropriate for AP and advanced students arranged by skill and topic.  Open Exam and Schoolshape are the publishers of this website.


Keyword:  student tool, teacher tool


America Reads Spanish 2.0

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) and the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds (FGEE) have developed the campaign America Reads Spanish, aimed to increase the use and reading of Spanish through the thousands of libraries, schools and book stores of the US. At the America Reads Spanish website you can learn about recently published books, listen to interviews with authors and hear Hispanic celebrities discuss reading in Spanish in the U.S. as well as sign up for the free America Reads Spanish newsletter.

Keyword: reading 

Anthology of Spanish Poetry

More than 25 poets from the 13th through the 19th centuries are represented in this collection of Spanish poetry. The poems are listed chronologically by author and alphabetically by the first line. After each poem there is information on the rhyme and number of syllables per line to help the reader appreciate some of the technical aspects of Spanish poetry. Also there are guidelines describing assonance and how to count the number of syllables in a line of poetry as well as with practice activities.

Keyword: reading

Antonio Luna - Relax & Learn


Antonio Luna, the author of this blog, is experienced IB educator. He offers extensive resources for MYP Spanish, Spanish ab Initio and Spanish B.


Keyword:  classroom materials, teacher tool

Aprende español callejeando por Madrid

This Spanish-language blog provides an excellent source of short, authentic reading material by focusing on signs in Madrid.  The signs that share a common theme are grouped into sets and each set is accompanied by a discussion of the linguistic and cultural information illustrated.    Marisa Cornado, instructor at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Madrid-Goya, created and maintains this blog.

Keyword: reading

Aprender español con delearte   


This website offers a variety of activities covering cultural information, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening.  Short videos as well readings giving additional information supplement the activities.


Keyword:  student tool


Aprendemos juntos

This website has a variety of resources for students and teachers:  listening and reading exercises, cultural readings, links to vocabulary activities, grammar lessons, videos, games, links to other resources and more.

Keyword: classroom materials


ARASAAC Graphic Resources


This website offers a number of Creative Commons clipart items made available by courtesy of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Aragonese Government.


Keyword:  classroom materials 

Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape


The Library of Congress has launched an online selection of recordings from its "Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape," a series of over 700 audio recordings from renowned poets and prose writers in their native languages. Thirty-two different countries are represented in the 50 new digitized recordings that were previously only available on site at the library.


Keyword:  listening



Audiria offers free daily podcasts which are organized into the following channels: beginners, songs, grammar, culture, pictures, books, press, short scenes, daily scenes, TV, radio, movies, history, art, and Don Quijote. The podcasts are also grouped by levels of difficulty and each podcast has a script which may be downloaded as well as exercises and activities. Audiria has a RSS feed.


Keyword: listening


Aula de El Mundo


This web page is part of Spain´s El Mundo newspaper website Here you can find several láminas covering a wide range of topics. A lámina is a graphic with text used to illustrate or offer additional information about a news story. These láminas can be downloaded and used for authentic thematic readings.


Keyword: reading


Aula Intercultural


Aula Intercultural is a website for Spanish language learners that promotes interculturality and appreciation of and respect for multiculturalism.  Here educators can learn about good practices, access materials, and stay up-to-date with the latest news about multiculturalism in Spain.


Keyword:  classroom materials, teacher tool

Authentic Spanish Language and Pedagogy http:/

Authentic Spanish Language and Pedagogy offers a collection of videos of native Spanish speakers. The videos are grouped by level and topic and are appropriate for novice to advanced level students. This blog has been created by Karen Schairer and Benning Tieke, professors at Northern Arizona University.

Keyword: listening


Aventuras Nuevas   


This blog is a place to share ideas, experiences, and materials used in the teaching of high school world language classes. 


Keyword:  blog 


Ayudas gráficas


Here you will find a collection of 37 free graphic organizers with student directions and graphic organizer text in Spanish. There is a good variety of organizers including Venn diagrams, time lines, KWL charts. Permission is given to download, print and copy these pages for classroom use.


Keyword:  teacher tool



Laura García and Álvaro Mediavilla, teachers from Spain, founded Bablingua to create videos that showcase Spain and that are interesting and understandable for a student learning Spanish. Each video comes with activities to help with lesson planning, a forum for exchanging ideas with other teachers and vocabulary cards to use to reinforce the words learned. Videos may be purchased by opening a school account for $325 per year which offers unlimited access to all current materials. In addition, individuals may purchase these resources with prices ranging from as little as $1 for an Icebreaker video (1 to 8 minutes in length on a variety of topics designed to accommodate different learning levels) to as much as $35 for the DVD-Teacher’s Book package.

Keyword: classroom materials

BBC Mundo | Estudio Abierto

BBC Estudio Abierto offers a collection of interactive interviews with noted personalities. Listeners are invited to participate in the interviews via online chat. There are extensive archives of past interviews from Estudio Abierto and Estudio 834, the name of this program before it became interactive. These interviews are appropriate listening practice for intermediate high to advanced students.

Keyword: listening

BBC – Languages – El Mensual

El Mensual is a free intermediate audio magazine which incorporates reports from BBC Mundo plus other materials. All reports can be browsed by topic or language focus (vocabulary, functions, parts of speech). Many of the articles are accompanied by vocabulary, quizzes and/or audio clips.

Keyword: listening

BBC – Languages – Spanish

At this site there are links to Spanish Quick Fix (essential phrases in Spanish), Talk Spanish (an introduction to the language in ten short parts with slide shows and video clips and useful phrases with sound and quizzes), the opportunity to subscribe to the monthly BBC Languages newsletter which features current highlights from the Languages site and more.

Keyword: student tool

BBC Mundo

This is the Spanish language site for the BBC World News service with focus upon Spain and Latin America. RSS feed is available.

Keyword: current events


BBC Primary Languages

 This website has short lessons with audio as well as games where children ages 5-11 can learn some basic language in Spanish.

Keyword:  elementary grades

Berlitz - Language Instruction and Training

Berlitz is a leadership innovation and language training institution providing in-depth instruction of more than 50 foreign languages and ESL materials with face-to-face learning, online live instruction and self-study to make language learning easier and flexible for users to learn foreign languages.

Keyword:  professional resource, student tool

Best Spanish Websites 


Jim Becker, Professor Emeritus at the University of Northern Iowa, has created an extensive collection of annotated Spanish web resources.


Keyword:  teacher tool

Biblioteca Babab            


This website features articles, music, poetry, and literature. TheBiblioteca Babab on the site has downloadable texts in PDF format of Spanish and Latin American authors.


Keyword:  culture


Bilbao Turismo – Ayuntamiento de Bilbao

Planning a trip to Bilbao? Find everything you need at this website to plan a perfect trip. 


Keyword:  travel


BrainPOP Español

BrainPOP offers a collection of short animated films in Spanish about natural sciences, math, social studies, English, Spanish, tecnology, health art and music. These films can be used with individuals or groups to introduce new themes, explain difficult concepts or review material previously presented. Each film includes activities such as worksheets, lesson plans, experiments, mental maps. BrainPOP is a paid subscription service, but you can register for a 5 day free trial to explore it. Subscripition rates range from $150 per year for a single user to $825 per year for school-wide use.  There is a BrainPOP Español app available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Caminos de Seferad

At Caminos de Seferad, visitors will find information about the history, culture and heritage of the Jews in Spain displayed in maps and timelines. The Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters, a non profit public association with the goal of protecting the Sephardic heritage in Spain, has collaborated with Google to produce this interactive multimedia experience. Visitors can opt to explore this site in Spanish or in English.


Keyword: culture


CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon

CAPL is a free, online, non-commercial visual glossary of authentic photos for language and cultural instruction. There are more than 3000 photos from Spain and Latin America. These pictures may be viewed, downloaded, linked, manipulated, copied, displayed, and redistributed free of charge for educational, non-commercial purposes as specified by the Creative Commons license . CAPL @ should be cited as the source.

Keyword:  teacher tool


Caramba Kids
Sing and learn in English and Spanish! Caramba Kids is a new and innovative education program based on the music of José Luis Orozco, renowned bilingual educator. Award-winning experts in animation, music, technology and early childhood development who are committed to the development of exciting educational content for children 8 and under are the developers of Caramba Kids. This website offers in English and Spanish activities (Buenos días, Diez deditos, El abecdario, Mónica, Baile de los colores, ¡Sí se puede!) with printed lyrics, information for parents and information for teachers that can be downloaded. In addition, there are links to Orozco´s materials for sale on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby.  The songs for sale range in price from .99 for individual songs downloadable from iTunes up to $11.99 for albums from Amazon or CD Baby.

Keyword: elementary grades


Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de España  
This is the official site of the Spanish royal family offering detailed information about the members of the royal family and their activities.

Keyword: culture


Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain

This site offers a detailed history and description of the Cuevas de Altamira

Keyword: culture


Centro Virtual Cervantes

Centro Virtual Cervantes is a website created and maintained by the Instituto Cervantes in Spain. This site has materials and activities for teachers and students of Spanish. Click on Pasatiempos de Rayuela ( to find more than a thousand interactive games and activities organized by level of difficulty. Centro Virtual Cervantes has a RSS feed. 

Keyword: classroom materials

Children´s Books Forever

At this website there are free children’s books in various languages. The books can be used on an interactive whiteboard, power point, overhead projector, on iPads and other devices or on classroom computers as well as downloaded in pdf format. and are wonderful for expanding your classroom library. New books are being added regularly so be sure to check the website often.

Keyword: reading

Children´s Tales

Children's Tales is a universal iPad/iPod app which contains a selection of illustrated books and comics for children in Spanish and in 5 other languages. Some books are free; others may be purchased within the app. The books and comics are appropriate for children ages 3 to 9 years.

Keyword:  app

Cine con clase

Short clips taken from Spanish films can be downloaded from this site for use in the classroom. A script, bilingual vocabulary, written activities and additional cultural information are available for each clip This website is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Digital Media Lab at the University of Virginia and the Center for the Liberal Arts at the University of Virginia.

Keyword: film 


Cinergía: Critical Resource for Spanish and Latin American Film

Cinergía is a website dedicated to the study of Spanish, Latin American and Latino cinema, film, movies and media. Each movie file available is composed of three areas: background links and pre-screening questions, comprehension questions and critical approach, still analysis and media literacy questions. Cinergía was created and is maintained by Sophia A. McClennen, associate professor Pennsylvania State University, with the help of scholars and students of Hispanic cinema

Keyword: film

Clases de conversación de español

Clases de conversación de español offers articles about developing and using oral activities in the classroom as well as activities using videos and role play. This site was created and is maintained by Loli Barbazán, an educator from the Universidad de Barcelona.

Keyword: teacher tool 

CNN en Español

At this site you can watch the news in Spanish.

Keyword: current events

COERLL’s Heritage Spanish Community website 

Despite their growing popularity, Heritage Spanish programs remain underserved by commercial textbook publishers. What that means for teachers of heritage learners is that we are left either to adapt the few published materials that do exist to fit our programs or else to create our own. This community is intended to become a place where you can find and share resources easily. Share your resources (syllabi, activities, lessons, etc.), or information about events with this new community.

Keyword: heritage learners, professional resource, teacher tool

Coloquialmente: Online Spanish Slang Dictionary

At this site visitors will find a glossary of colloquial Spanish as spoken in modern Spain. A short explanation and examples needed to understand its usage and full meaning as well as a description of the social or cultural context is provided for each word or phrase. This site may include material that is inappropriate for some students as some of the entries contain explicit sexual language. This site was created and is maintained by Gustavo Sánchez Muñoz.

Keyword: teacher tool


The Comprehensible Classroom

Martina Bex has posted numerous activities, story scripts, assessments, lesson plans and more for the TPRS/CI classroom.

Keyword: professional resource


Comprehensifying and Extending Authentic Resources

Kara Jacobs is a Spanish teacher who focuses on extending authentic resources as well as making them comprensible. She uses this blog to share with other teachers and to reflect on her practice.

Keywords: blog, professional resource

Conjugation Nation Spanish

Conjugation Nation Spanish is an iPad/iPod/iPhone app.  Students review by conjugating verbs with an interactive quiz. The  verb, tense, and pronoun are provided  and  the student must give the correctly conjugated verb. Quizzes are available in sets of 10, 25, and 50 questions. Teachers can customize quizzes by selecting from a list of 501 verbs, 13 tenses, and 6 pronouns. This app costs $2.99 and is available in the iTunes App Store.

Keyword:  app – 24 horas de Radio e Información on-line is the multimedia web portal of COPE radio—a private commercial radio station in Spain. Listen to international and national news, sports, opinion, blogs and more.

Keyword: listening


The Creative Language Class

This blog has a wealth of resources for Spanish teachers: tech ideas, hands-on activities, class routines, class decor, reading, writing, listening and speaking activities, videos, games. This blog is maintained by two Spanish teachers--Megan Johnston and Kara Parker. You can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail. 

Keyword:  teacher tool

CUENTOAVENTURAS Cuentos, fabulas, chistes y mucho mas  

Cuentoaventuras is a story telling podcast in Spanish. Gastón Morineau, the host, tells stories about characters like El lobo feróz and La bruja buena. Inspired by the radio novelas of the past, Gastón started this family-friendly podcast in 2011.

Keyword: listening

CVC: Catálogo de voces hispánicas

At this website there are video files of speech samples from 17 Spanish-speaking countries. Each speech sample has a written transcript of the text, an explanation of the unique linguistic features and a map of the area as well as an explanation of characteristics of the area. 

Keyword: listening

CVC. Lecturas paso a paso    

At this site you will find reading selections that are appropriate for middle school and high school students who are studying Spanish. The readings have been organized into three levels of difficulty: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Once a text has been selected, the reader is presented with a series of links. Ficha didáctica points to information about the reading selection, level and degree of difficulty, a list of the words glossed in the selection and a brief description of the pre and post reading activities. Antes de leer links to pre-reading activities while Después de leer contains post-reading activities. Clicking on the title of the book chosen opens the reading with illustrations and glossed words. Sobre el libro offers a summary of the plot. Finally, clicking on the book itself will take the reader to a bookstore website where the book may be purchased.

Keyword: reading

CVC. Refranero Multilingüe

This website has an extensive collection of sayings and proverbs in Spanish. The search engine will search according to the main idea of the proverb or the type of proverb and can include possible variations such as synonyms and antonyms.  

Keyword: classroom materials


De cine    

De cine is a blog dedicated to using audiovisual resources to teach Spanish. It offers a collection of short videos with activities. De cine was created and is maintained by Laura Vázquez Tavares, an Spanish educator from Barcelona.

Keyword: teacher tool

Destino: España   

Destino: España is a series on RTVE, the Spanish television network. Each episode of the series features a region and people who have emigrated from various parts of the world to reside in that region. The episodes are available online along with a short description of the people featured in each episode. Also at the program´s website are links to the recipes featured in each episode, a Destino: España blog and an archive of previous episodes.

Keyword: classroom materials

Diccionario visual    

This free online visual dictionary offers 800 themes, 6,000 realistic illustrations and 20, 000 defined vocabulary items with pronunciation.  This dictionary is available in English, Spanish and French.  There is also a Diccionario visual iPod/iPad app offered in the iTunes App store for $4.99.

Keyword: dictionary

Diego Rivera Web Museum  

At the Diego Rivera Web Museum you will find a biography of Diego Rivera, a gallery of his paintings and murals which can be displayed as a slide show, a collection of 11 short YouTube videos about the artist and his works, a poster store and a bookstore as well as an extensive list of links to additional information about Diego Rivera and his art. 

Keyword: art

Don Quixote Dictionary    

Tom Lathrop, founding member of the Cervantes Society of America, has complied this dictionary which assists English readers in understanding classical Spanish terms that appear in Don Quijote de la Mancha.

Keyword: dictionary




Educatina offers hundreds of video podcasts in several school subjects: math, philosophy, science, history, art, language, health The videos are completely free to use The videos which directed toward middle and high school students are well done and completely free to use. 

Keyword:  cross-curricular


This website from Spain offers resources in support of education, tolerance and human rights to be used in the fight against all forms of intolerance. This site is written by and for Spaniards and therefore is a rich resource for Social Justice issues.

Keyword: teacher tool

El Día de los Niños / El Día de los Libros    

This website offers a collection of Spanish language children´s rhymes with English translations, explanations of the context of each song and some audio recordings.

Keyword:  music

El Diccionario Visual     

The Visual Dictionary presents Spanish vocabulary with detailed drawings as well as written definitions. Users can search by word or by theme. There are 5 themes: plant and animal biology, the human body, music, transportation, clothing. 

Keyword: dictionary

El escarabajo verde    

This RTVE program offers information about ecology and the environment.

Keyword: cross-curricular, current events, listening

El Gran Escape de la Planta

The Great Plant Escape is an elementary program for 4th and 5th grade students. Each lesson in the program is designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow. Activities enhance students’ math, science, language arts, social studies, music and art. Choose any or all of the suggested activities for your class. Many activities are for students to work independently and some are for group work. The program is available in Spanish at

Keyword: elementary grades

El huevo de chocolate

El huevo de chocolate, a website for very young children, has three purposes: to entertain and educate children, to disseminate folklore which promotes popular culture, customs and traditions (stories, ballads, fables, songs, tongue twisters, riddles, guessing games, etc.) and to contribute to the diffusion of Spanish on the Internet.

Keyword: elementary grades

El mundo con eñe

El mundo con eñe is a free monthly magazine available online. Its target audience is anyone who speaks, studies, teaches or simply enjoys Spanish. Each month the magazine will explore in detail a Spanish speaking country covering topics such as history, literature, music, movies, interviews, things to do, recipes and more. A reading level--beginner to advanced--is indicated for each article in the magazine. Throughout the articles words are highlighted and defined in the glossary section near the end of the magazine. There are also comprehension exercises as well as podcasts and a YouTube channel linked to articles in the magazine. Beginning with the second magazine, there will be an audio archive of all issues of El mundo con eñe.

Keyword: reading

elmundodebirch | World languages and tech! A walk into the world of web 2.0

A Maryland Spanish teacher created and maintains this blog with has a wealth of ideas and resources for Spanish teachers.

Keyword:  teacher tool

El Space Place  

El Space Place, created by NASA has games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology in Spanish. This is a rich site. For example, in the teacher´s corner you will find the NASA Space Place newsletter (news and notes for formal and informal educators), printable images of Earth and space, space-related classroom activity articles, math related classroom activity articles and Space Place web links, poster and lithograph downloads and Space Place musings podcasts. Although NASA states that its target audience for this site is elementary school age kids, many of the readings and podcasts would be appropriate in content and difficulty for intermediate to advanced students of Spanish.

Keyword:  cross-curricular

Ejercicios de español

At this site there is a good collection of exercises to practice vocabulary, listening comprehension and grammatical concepts. TV clips, fragments of cultural videos, movie trailers, songs, commercials are used to maintain student interest. This site has a RSS feed.

Keyword: classroom materials

Ejercicios de gramática 

This site offers interactive exercises which practice various points of grammar.

Keyword: student tool

Ejercicios para aprender español

There is a wealth of online exercises at this website. The exercises cover of thematic vocabulary, grammar points, graded readings, songs and videos.

Keyword: classroom materials


Encuentros is Argentina´s educational TV programming. Canal Encuentros offers many video clips and articles about culture, the arts and current issues in the news while Canal Pakapaka, a channel especially designed for children, has several interactive games and videos. Both channels are accessible online at Encuentros´website.

Keyword: listening


English Spanish Online Dictionary

This resource offers English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionaries, synonyms, antonyms, automatic translation function and a spellchecking tool.

Keyword: dictionary

EPA en español
This is the Spanish language version of the Environment Protection Agency´s website.   In addition to information about issues concerning the environment, there are extensive resources for teachers and students including lesson plans, teacher guides, publications, games for students and more.

Keyword:  cross-curricular – Turismo, ocio y cultura en Madrid

EsMADRID is a web portal providing comprehensive information about tourist, cultural, leisure and business offerings in the city. At esMADRID visitors can also download the free monthly esMADRID Magazine.

Keyword:  travel

Español Podcast

Mercedes Leon from Barcelona maintains this blog and podcast which are rich resources for intermediate and advanced students. The blog focuses on development of vocabulary that is current and colloquial. Each podcast tells a story which has a topical theme and features some point of grammatical usage. The story is first read at a slower pace, then specific phrases used in the story are discussed and the story is read again at a normal pace. A complete transcript for each episode is available without charge as a pdf download and additional activities and exercises for each episode are available for $4.95 per episode. Listen to these podcasts online at the blog or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

Keyword: listening

Extr@ en español 

Extr@ en español is a language education television series that was in production from 2002 to 2004. The story is about four attractive 19-22 year olds are thrown together to play out their romances, life crises and contrasting interests in a familiar sitcom setting. The scripts have been carefully written so that the language is simple and accessible at all levels. There are 13 episodes of Extr@ en español.

Keyword: student tool


Fluentu uses short YouTube videos with authentic content to provide an immersion based online language learning platform. The video clips are classified by proficiency level of the learner and by genre. There are bilingual subtitles for all clips and a hover-over dictionary as well as a learning center where students can study all the vocabulary from each video with a built-in flashcard system.

Keyword: student tool


At this site you will find a collection of classroom activities in Spanish.

Keyword:  music

Free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone or eBook reader   

Matthew McClintock maintains this site which offers 27,035 free ebooks in 35 languages. Many of these ebooks are from 2003 Project Gutenberg. There are 226 titles available in Spanish. This site has a RSS feed.

Keyword: reading

Free Spanish Audio

Fluency Prof includes legends and dialogues with audio recorded at normal and slow rates of speech. Each audio is accompanied by cloze activities. This website was created by Ricardo and Kelly Várguez, two teachers from Nebraska.

Keyword: classroom materials
Free Stuff | Bryce   

In addition to books and posters for sale at this website, there are free materials for Spanish teachers, especially those using the TPRS method. Bryce Hedstrom is a Spanish teacher and teacher trainer in northern Colorado. He has taught Spanish for 22 years at the elementary, middle school and high school levels and received the Best of Colorado award from the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers in 2008.

Keyword: classroom materials


Fun for Spanish Teachers: Resources for Preschool and Elementary

Carolina Gomez teaches Spanish to young learners. She is the author of Fun for Spanish Teachers, a blog about resources for language teachers of preschool and elementary-aged children. Read the latest posts to find inspiration, ideas, and help for your Spanish classroom.

Keywords: blog, elementary grades



Goodrae is a hypertext and reverse dictionary based upon the Diccionario de la Real Academía Española de la Lengua (RAE).  Because it is a hypertext dictionary every word is linked to related words and to all definitions in which the word appears. It is also a reverse dictionary which means that by describing a concept, a list of words and phrases related to that concept will be generated. Plug-ins can be downloaded directly at the Goodrae site to add Goodrae to the list of search engines available in the search bar of a browser. Supported browsers for this plug-in include Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Goodrae was created by Sergio Abad, an elementary teacher in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Keyword: dictionary

Grasslands Live   

Grasslands continue to provide rich habitats for birds, fish mammals, insects and plants as well as key ecosystem services, such as capture of carbon and water. Learn about this ecosystem and how scientists, citizens, local ranchers and farmers are working together to manage and conserve this important habitat. There is a link to a report in Spanish about la Reserva de la Biosfera de Janos en el Estado de Chihuahua (México).

Keyword: cross curricular


Hablamos Today! Online Virtual Spanish School         

Hablamos Today is an online virtual Spanish program in Nicaragua that allows Spanish learners to "put into practice" what they are learning at school or in their Spanish course. Structured 20 minute video chat sessions with Nicaraguans are provided. Each session either focuses on practicing a specific skill set, or general "immersion" where the Nicaraguan leads a conversation. Prices range from $2.95 to $4.95 per session.

Keyword: student tool


Hablar por hablar | Cadena Ser

Hablar por hablar is a nightly radio talk show created by journalist Gemma Nierga for Radio Barcelona. It is broadcast by Cadena SER in Spain and Radio Caracol in Colombia. Listeners call in to talk about their problems or express their opinions. In return they receive advice or commentaries about their opinions. Podcasts of the programs are available without charge in iTunes.

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Happy Hour Spanish - Learn Spanish While Traveling Spain   

Happy Hour Spanish offers a series of 8 video tours around Spain. The videos are supported by subtitles, translations, exercises, tests, flashcards, photo. podcasts and more. The exercises which are offered at two levels of difficulty--beginner and intermediate--can be downloaded and printed. The Spanish in the videos is spoken by native speakers at a natural speed. Happy Hour Spanish was founded in 2011 by Hayley, a native from California and Maider, a native of Bilbao, Spain. The program, which is offered free of charge, gives an immersion-style experience of Spanish culture.

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Health Care         

The mission of this website is to compile and translate useful Spanish phrases for healthcare workers. Users are directed to select a topic to find a very comprehensive list of phrases in Spanish and English.  There is a button to click to hear the phrase spoken in Spanish.  Topics include Patient Orientation, Patient Comfort, Communication Procedures, Making Connections, Patient Discharge and Maternity & Newborn.  There is no cost and no need to sign up to use this site.

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Help with Spanish Verbs and Grammar

Jim Becker, Professor Emeritus at the University of Northern Iowa, has created an extensive collection of annotated grammar resources.

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Español Santillana’s HispaNoticias is a free resource to help middle and high school Spanish students apply the cultural concepts introduced in Spanish class for a real-world purpose. Choose the appropriate level of Spanish and then countries or regions of interest to access a wealth of articles in English and Spanish. Many of
the articles include audio and video support as well as questions to
support comprehension.

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Infografías en castellano

This site offers interesting infografics in Spanish on a wide variety of topics. Infographics or information graphics are visual representations of information which help to make complex information easier to understand.

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Inside Mexico Publishing    

Inside Mexico Publishing offers a wealth of free articles on their website about Mexico and the Mexican culture in English and in Spanish. They also sell DVDs, CDs, books and magazines about Mexico.

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Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels

Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels is a free open educational resource that offers a foundational understanding of how to evaluate Spanish speakers. This resource includes: video-based practice modules designed to strengthen an understanding of the ACTFL Speaking Proficiency Guidelines, editable versions of the practice modules on Google Drive and instructions on conducting interviews to assess Spanish learners’ proficiency levels.

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Jobs in Spain  

This website offers help in finding all types of work in Spain.  Useful information for people who wish to work in Spain regarding tax and residency in Spain, healthcare in Spain and employment news is also provided.

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Jorge Ramos  

At this site are a collection of articles written by Jorge Ramos, respected journalist, author and anchorman for Noticiero Univision since 1986. The articles cover newsworthy topics and would be appropriate reading material for intermediate high to advanced students.

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Justlearn connects language learners with professional tutors through live one-to-one video classes. Each learner’s level is assessed so a customized lesson module can be created. Because each lesson is live, tutors can correct pronunciation or grammar errors as well as use props and visual aids. Justlearn does not require a subscription plan. Learners pay for each lesson. Prices are affordable and hourly lesson rates range from $4.00 to $23.00. Trial lessons are available.

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Kids Do Ecology   

The Kids Do Ecology program was created in 1997 by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis as part of its mission to increase the public understanding of science. The original focus of the Kids Do Ecology program was the development of this web site, in Spanish and in English, to teach elementary school students about ecology, experiments, and use of data. The website includes the following: Learn About Ecology which introduces the study of ecology, describes careers in ecology, provides interviews with ecologists, gives an overview of the Kids do Ecology Program and website, provides links to additional resources, and answers to frequently asked questions; Endangered Species provides information and resources on endangered and threatened species; the Data and Science Pages provide fun descriptions and activities for young scientists to learn about the scientific method, especially collecting and displaying data; World Biomes provides details on regions of the world with similar climate and vegetation. Crossword puzzles and other word games are part of the fun of learning; Classroom Projects describes KDE'S Scientist in the Classroom Program in Santa Barbara. It includes class web pages, summaries of experiments, and photos of posters and presentations; the Marine Mammal Pages provide overviews on a variety of local marine mammals, and provides data on marine mammal sightings gathered by local grade school students; Ecolinks has more web resources for students; For Teachers discusses how to participate in KDE and provides links to additional resources for teachers.

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LA ALCAZABA Revista Socio Cultural

Here the online version of La Alcazaba Revista can be accessed. This magazine is published and distributed in Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León, Extremadura and Valencia. The articles are in Spanish and deal with a variety of literary and cultural topics.

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La Aventura Literaria

Visitors to La aventura literaria will learn about famous literary figures, read selections and summaries of great works as well as find information about different literary movements, the historical and social context of different eras of literature, terms used for describing literature and more. Spain’s Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte maintains this website.

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La Biblioteca Musical

La Biblioteca Musical is dedicated to the diversity of music in the Spanish-speaking world. The extensive collection of music videos are organized by country.

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La corónica

La corónica is a refereed journal published every spring and fall by the Modern Language Association´s Division on Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures and Cultures. In addition to articles, La cornice features book reviews, reports, discussion forums, professional notices and special thematic issues.

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La Fundación del Español Urgente      

La Fundación del Español Urgente is an organization that is concerned with promoting the use of standard Spanish across all medias of communication, social networks and other digital platforms. It was created in 2005 as a result of an agreement between the news agency la Agencia Efe and the BBVA bank. The Real Academia Española is a consultant to la Fundación del Español Urgente. La Fundación also has an app available in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

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The Language Gym!/

The Language Gym is an athletic-training-themed website with some verb drills and other online games in Spanish, French, and Italian.

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Las ánimas, de regreso a casa 

This Days of the Dead site presented by Mexico´s El Universal newspaper describes in detail how los días de los muertos are observed in Michoacán and Oaxaca. There are Lots of photographs, detailed explanation, maps, slideshows, visitors guides.

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Latin America Current Events & News    

Latin America Current Events & News offers independent, unbiased, nonpartisan reporting of news which focuses on Latin American and the Caribbean. Stories can be accessed according to country or topic. All information is obtained from open sources. This site is available only in English.

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Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC

The mission of the Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) is to facilitate access to information about Latin America on the Internet. Subjects covered include economy, education, geography & environment, government, humanities, internet & computing, libraries & reference, media & communication, recreation, science, social sciences, society & culture. LANIC is a key component of the International Information Systems, based at UT Austin, and has received funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and UT Austin's College of Liberal Arts.

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Latin American Science

LatinAmericanScience is a resource for journalists, scientists, policymakers and the general public. Its purpose is to shed light on the scientific research carried out in Latin America. The site publishes articles written by scientists for the public. Articles are available in English at and in Spanish at

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Latin America News    

At this website there are headlines, stories and videos about Latin America in English. In addition, there are links to CNN Mexico, CNN Chile and CNN Español which also offer headlines, stories and videos but in Spanish.

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Latino Virtual Gallery

The Latino Virtual Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution is an interactive learning environment that showcases Latino contributions to America´s history, arts and culture from a Latino perspective. The virtual galleries include: Day of the Dead, Lowrider: An American Cultural Tradition, Sabor: Salsa Music in the United States, Roberto Clemente: Life Beyond Baseball, Legacy: Spain and the United States in the Age of Independence 1763-1848.

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Learn Spanish | Conjuguemos is an online workbook which stores practice activities such as verb conjugation, vocabulary and grammar graded activities, flashcards, crosswords, worksheets and other printable resources. Teachers can create their own activities and quizzes.

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Learn Spanish    

Sarah and John of Lingolex, translators, web page makers and English teachers who live in Andalucia Spain, created this page which features an interactive online tutorial, java-based vocabulary games, lots of cultural notes, an extensive directory of language schools and much more.

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Learn Spanish    

This website offers free Spanish tutorials covering pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, verbs, cultural notes, and more. A free teacher membership will allow monitoring student progress and the ability to create an online syllabus. A premium teacher membership will allow a teacher to give all or her or his students premium access. Premium access costs $9.95 for one month or $39.95 for six months and includes additional practice activities and podcasts.

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Learn Spanish Free Online | Lessons and Tools

TeachMe has a wealth of information for students learning Spanish. Many of the pages include full audio as well as images or videos. There are other useful tools as well like the verb conjugator tool, as well as daily RSS feeds of the word,verb and phrase of the day and a directory of independent Spanish language schools.

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The Learning Patio

The Learning Patio has materials--reading comprehension stories with practice, online comprehension quizzes, full color posters, alphabet reproducible pages, letter blends practice, interactive practice with phonetics English/Spanish, math charts and more-- for the dual language early elementary classrooms. Access to downloading, reproducing and usage of all materials is offered for a subscription rate of $2.50 per month with a minimum 1 year subscription. The Learning Patio is a subsidiary of Bilingual Planet.

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Léelo fácil   
Léelo fácil is a website offering six classic books in Spanish that have been re-configured to be accessible to people with limited reading or Spanish skills. The books are simplified, animated, and full of links to more reading aids. They are designed to be read online.

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Lengua viva

Lengua Viva is an educational and entertaining blog. It offers a weekly article that explains the background and meaning of unusual Spanish expressions as well as a daily entry, La palabra del día, that also describes the origen and meaning of various words. This blog was created and is maintained by the North American Academy of the Spanish Language.

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Letras para volar

Letras para volar is collaborative project of the Universidad de Guadalajara and the Fielding Graduate University. Its goal is to encourage reading among students. A series of Mexican legends in written form as well as audio format are available at the website allowing students to read and to listen to the stories. These legends could be used for reading practice, listening practice, and cultural exploration.

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Leyendo leyendo, disfruto y aprendo

This Spanish language blog offers a wide variety of materials to read--stories, poems, puzzles and more-- to families of pre-school through first grade aged children.

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Lexipedia – Where words have meaning 

Type a word into Lexipedia´s search box and an animated visual word web appears showing antonyms, synonyms and fuzzynyms (words which have a strong relationship but do not have the same meaning) related to the search word. A side menu offers English translations of the words in the web. Vantage Linguistics is the owner of Lexipedia. 

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LibriVox´s goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. Several Spanish books have been recorded. To find these, go to and click on the advanced search and select Spanish as the search option. These Spanish recordings are also available as free podcasts on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Store and search for LibriVox Spanish. 


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Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre!

At Lingro users can enter a website address to make all the words on that web page clickable. Clicking on an unknown word will open a translation of the word. Lingro´s dictionaries are available in eleven languages, including Spanish. Lingro also creates a list of websites visited as well as a personal word list which provides content for a flashcard game.  

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Literary Center Education Network

The Literary Center Education Network delivers free, professionally-designed, printable education material to preschool-age children. Choose Spanish, English, German or French to play and learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more.

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Maris Hawkins

In this well-written blog, Maris Hawkins, a Spanish teacher in Maryland, offers her reflections and best practices as a middle and upper school teacher. Her entries cover a wide range of topics, from using authentic resources to valuable reflection on current best practices and much more.

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Memes en Español

Memes en Español offers a collection of Spanish pop culture in the form of memes, posters, tweets and videos. Each entry is followed by expansion questions and tagged with relevant vocabulary and grammar terms. These tags are searchable at search term. CCFLT Teacher of the Year Noah Geisel created and maintains Meme en Español.

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At this website there are 17 children´s stories with simple illustrations which are narrated by young children.

Keyword: elementary grades is a free web resource that offers teachers a variety of materials for teaching Spanish. Available are videos, karaoke, cultural clips, thematic curriculum units, lesson plans, student worksheets and more. This rich website was created by Lori Langer de Ramirez, chairperson of the ESL and World Language Department for Herricks Public Schools. Materials on are protected by a Creative Commons license.

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Molino de Ideas

This website offers a variety of online applications for Spanish students. Resources include a pronunciation practice application that records your voice so that you can compare your pronunciation to a model, a game to improve vocabulary, an application that analyzes tweets for positive content, and a dictionary of sayings.

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Mosaic Homepage
The MOSAIC project, carried out over the 2003-2005 academic years, produced a variety of thematic units that incorporate geography in Spanish (la geografía humana básica, desastres naturales, la inmigración, la historia de los alimentos) with contributions by researchers and teachers at the high school and university levels.

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Mrsmerritt´s Blog   

Mrs. Merritt, a middle school Spanish teacher, created a reading program for her heritage Spanish speakers. In this blog she has posted comprehension packets for over 40 books ranging from 1st to 7th grade reading levels. Navigate to a listing of the books by clicking on the tab labeled alpha book list. Then, click on each book title to see the packet for that book. In addition to the comprehension packets, Mrs. Merritt has also posted other helpful resources. Subscribe to this blog via RSS. 

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Mundo de Pepita Resources for Teaching Languages to Children

Mundo de Pepita was developed entirely from an elementary perspective, with little kids' interests and manner of learning foremost in mind. In addition to many teaching materials, on this blog you will find ideas, resources, and tips for teaching Spanish at the elementary level.

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Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

This is the official website for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Visitors to this site can view an online gallery of works from the museum´s collection, learn about special projects, purchase tickets online and shop in the online gift store. This site offers a RSS feed.

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Museo Nacional del Prado  

This is the official website of the Prado Museum. Visitors to this site can view an online gallery of approximately 3000 works from the museum´s collection, learn about the history of the museum, purchase tickets online and shop in the online gift store.

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Museo Reina Sofía

This is the official website of the Museo Reina Sofía. Visitors to this site can learn about the history of the museum, view materials and activities related to past, current and upcoming exhibitions and purchase tickets online.

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Musicuentos - Blog   

Musicuentos is a world language teaching blog that offers activities, advice and practical help. Many of the handouts and activities blogged about on Musicuentos are available to download for free or to purchase. Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, Spanish educator and consultant, created and maintains Musicuentos.

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Musicuentos Black Box

The Musicuentos Black Box is a collection of video podcasts and other media resources designed to connect researchers investigating how people learn language with teachers working to help those people develop communicative language skills.  The Musicuentos Black Box podcast is project sponsored by and Indwelling Language. These resources are developed by a team of five world language educators.

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Muy Interesante – Innovación, Tecno, Ciencia, Historia, Naturaleza, Salud

This is the online version of Muy Interesante, a monthly magazine that offers a lot of short articles on a variety of topics including current events and fun facts.  

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My Spanish in Spain

My Spanish in Spain offers articles about Spain covering a wide range of topics--traditions, culture, sports, gastronomy, literature, tourism and, even, karaoke. These articles are accompanied by engaging photos and videos. Entries are posted in Spanish several days a week. This blog is maintained by an organization promoting their Spanish language schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla and Cadiz.

Keyword: culture 


This website provides resources and guidance on foreign language learning in grades preK-8.  It is developed and maintained by the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Keyword: elementary grades

Nanitas is a website of Spanish poetry from children.  Francisco Rodríguez Gómez, a poet, author, musician and teacher from Cádiz, Spain is the creator of Nanitas.  The poems are available as Word documents and can be edited.  In addition to Spanish poems for children, Rodríguez Gómez includes some activities based on his poetry.

Keyword: elementary grades

National Geographic - Inspiración para cuidar el planeta

This National Geographic website in Spanish offers videos, photos, articles and advise for travelers.

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New York Times Spanish edition     

The New York Times en Español will publish original journalism for Spanish speakers as well as stories translated from the Times' main news report. The site has a dedicated team of journalists working out of Mexico City and will also incorporate the work of Times correspondents in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Miami.

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News in Slow Spanish

In this weekly podcast the news, Spanish grammar, and Spanish expressions are discussed in simplified Spanish at a slow pace so that students can understand almost every word and sentence A subscription is required with prices ranging from $9.90 to $15.90 a month.  Interactive transcripts are available as well as an app which is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Keyword: listening

News in Spanish

News in Spanish is a newsletter service. If you sign up for this service with your e-mail address, a link to a Spanish-language news item will be sent to you along with a short English-language summary and some vocabulary or grammar hints relevant to the article. You can also browse the archive of newsletters that have already been sent.

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Newsela is dedicated to transforming the way learners access the world through words. Launched in June 2013, Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily in Spanish at five levels of complexity for grades 2-12. Common Core–aligned quizzes attached to articles give insight reading strengths and weaknesses.

Keyword: reading, current events, teacher tool

No apto para adultos 

No apto para adultos is a weekly tv news program for children and adolescents. Its purpose is to engage young people to become informed and participate in the reporting of news. In addition to a weekly tv program No apto para adultos has a network of young correspondents and a website.

Keyword: current events


Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish offers beginners, intermediate, and advanced audio and podcasts which provide authentic listening practice via completely natural conversations and interviews, covering interesting news, Spanish culture, current affairs, and travel. The podcasts are free; however, the accompanying transcript, vocabulary list and exercises must be purchased. Listen to these podcasts online at the website or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

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Noticias del Perú y del Mundo

This site from Perú covers world and local news, sports, entertainment, blogs. There is a link to live radio as well as a rich multimedia section with video, audio, and photos. RSS feed is available.

Keyword: current events

Noticias última hora, programas y series de Radio Televisión Española  

RTVE offers many videos of the latest new stories as well as live streaming of television and radio programs.

Keyword: current events 

Nulu Languages - Learn Spanish in 5 Minutes a Day - Free

The Nulu website offers students daily short news articles covering sports, politics, technology, culture, travel and more. Students can read an easy or difficult version of the article or opt to listen to it read aloud by a native speaker in slow or normal audio speed. Rolling the cursor over a sentence displays a translation of the sentence and clicking on problematic vocabulary words creates flashcards that can be personalized by rating the words as easy, medium or hard. Students can discuss stories with others via Nulu’s Facebook-based commenting platform.

Keyword: reading


ONDA CERO - Cadena de Radio

Spain´s Onda Cero is a radio station offering news, sports and general interest programming. At this site you can download programs and podcasts as well as listen to live streaming of the station.

Keyword: listening

Onoma – El conjugador inteligente

ONOMA can analyze not only existing verbs in Spanish but also new verbs. ONOMA can conjugate from the infinitIve form as well as give information about the irregularities in a verb and the persons and tenses affected along with the theoretical explanation for these irregularities.

Keyword: student tool


Personalidades de la Cultura Hispánica

Prominent voices from Hispanic culture discuss topics in a variety of areas of interest. From music and film to politics and travel, these podcasts provide an entertaining insight to Latin America and Spain. This website is produced by Patricia Rengel, Nancy Bird-Soto, Dinorah Ertez-Velez and students of Spanish 226 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Keywords: culture, listening


Picasso´s Guernica in 3D
Lena Gieseke has created a three dimensional YouTube video of Picasso´s painting Guernica.

Keyword: art


Podcast | ECOS online    
Spotlight with headquarters in Planegg/Munich is the publisher of the monthly magazine ECOS de España y Latinoamérica which covers current events, interviews and cultural topics. At this site you can listen to or download podcasts of articles appearing in ECOS. Subscribe via iTunes, Google Reader or RSS.

Keyword: listening


Poesía en español – Spanish poetry

At this website there are more than 10,000 poems in Spanish. Many have links to audio files and English translations. 

Keyword: reading

Portal Turismo Salamanca

Plan all details for a trip to Salamanca using this website.

Keyword:  travel


Practica Español

The news agency EFE, the Fundación de la Lengua Española (FLE) and the Instituto Cervantes have collaborated to create Practica Español, a web portal for people who wish to learn Spanish.. The content is current and covers a variety of topics such as Spain, the world, sports, entertainment, travel, health, business, science, gastronomy. Visitors to the web site may choose an appropiate level of difficulty and use the content to develop reading and listening skills. Text, sound and images (video and/or photos) grammatical explanations and comprehension exercises offer ample opportunities to learn and practice Spanish in an entertaining manner.

Keyword: classroom materials

Profe de Ele

Profe de Ele is a blog that offers a variety of ideas, resources and activities. for Spanish students and teachers Activities are available according to level of difficulty and may be used without charge. This blog is edited by Daniel Hernández in collaboration with Lucía Martínez, Mar Galindo , María Méndez and Tatiana Gunko, all educators in Spain.

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Each episode of this podcast focuses on a different topic and comes with a transcript in Spanish, and can be streamed on YouTube or Cloudstream.

Keyword: podcast

Proyecto Salon Hogar

Proyecto Salon Hogar is a website created to help students with their school assignments at home. Here students PreK-12 will find online help, tools and resources in all content areas. Of particular interest is the Spanish section which covers language, literature and communication skills. The site was created by Hector Armando Garcia as a collaborative project and is endorsed by Puerto Rico´s Department of Education.

Keyword: student tool

Punto y Coma: La audio magazine ELE para aprender y mejor tu español

Punto y coma is an online magazine aimed at students at an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish who wish to immerse themselves in the worlds of literature and the media to continue adding to their knowledge. As a magazine of current events written by journalists and experts in a variety of topics, Punto y coma features a diverse vocabulary and a broad spectrum of subjects primarily focusing on the social and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America. International events are also covered. At this website selected articles can be downloaded as pdfs without charge.

Keyword: current events


Quijote & Sancho

This website offers a linguistic and cultural overview of Spain. There are pages of grammatical information, vocabulary, expressions, literature, tourism, gastronomy, art and more.

Keyword: classroom materials

Radio 5 Todo Noticias – Web Oficial –
Radio 5 Todo Noticias reports the news every 15 minutes. This site offers online streaming and a RSS feed.

Keyword: current events

Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish language podcast that tells Latin American crónicas or stories. The podcasts offer a variety of thought-provoking stories from all
over Latin America and the Caribbean, and feature a wide variety of dialects of spoken Spanish. In addition to each podcast, Radio Ambulante´s website have a complete transcript that can be downloaded and shared with your students. For stories produced in 2015, there are video transcripts and sound slides in English and in Spanish that accompany the stories. In many cases there are also additional interviews with the producers, images, and supplemental background information to provide further context related to the stories. The podcasts are available for download on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Ivoox.

Keyword: listening, podcast

Radio ONU

This is the Spanish language site for the United Nations Radio.  Each story can be listened to online or downloaded and saved.  RSS feed is available.

Keyword: listening

Read Conmigo

Infinity Insurance is the sponsor of a new program called Read Conmigo, a bilingual literacy program that promotes bilingualism through access to developmentally appropriate Spanish literature. By signing up at their Club Read program at this website, anyone can receive FREE K-5 bilingual books in the mail.

Keyword: reading

Real Academia Española

At this site you can access the online Diccionario de la lengua española (vigésima segunda edición) and the online Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (primera edición). Both dictionaries are published by the Real Academia Española. 

Keyword: dictionary

Recorrido histórico por el Patrimonio Mundial en

This website is dedicated to providing a graphic history of the sites in Spain that have been declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Keyword: culture 


Resource: Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices

Teaching Foreign Languages K - 12 is a video library illustrating effective instruction and assessment strategies for teaching foreign languages. All videos are appropriate for K - 12 teachers of any foreign language. Created in conjunction with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), the library includes a 30-minute introduction and 60-minute overviews of ACTFL's Standards for Foreign Language Learning and new assessment practices, as well as 27 classroom programs. In the half-hour classroom programs, teachers from schools across the country model interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication throughout a range of grade and competency levels. Concepts of culture, comparisons, connections to students — lives, and the importance of community are also integrated into the lessons. A Web site and print guide accompany the video programs, providing a complete professional development experience.

Keyword:  professional resource

Resource: Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop

The Teaching Foreign Languages workshop will help K-12 foreign language teachers improve their practice by making connections between the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and current research in foreign language education. Workshop components include eight lively half-hour video programs with leading researchers and practicing teachers discussing how the standards play out in day-to-day classroom situations, a workshop guide available online and in print, and interactive activities on the Web.

Keyword:  professional resource

Resources for Spanish teaching and learning 

Rachel Fletcher offers an organized collection of resources to help teachers in lesson planning and students in language learning.  AP Units, Spanish-language news articles from BBC Mundo and El Mundo, sources for podcasts, videos, art, literature, infographics, technology and more are available.This is rich resource for all teachers and students.

Keyword: classroom materials


Resource Guide for a Parents of Bilingual Children


This guide explains some of the normal characteristics of bilingual speech acquisition as well as signs that a child may need a professional evaluation.


Keyword:  professional resource


Revista Literal

Revista Literal is a free, monthly e-zine with texts created by language learners, for language learners. Each month, students can submit short stories that they have written on their own or in class or reviews of books that they have read and enjoyed.  The target reader is in Spanish 1 or 2 and the publisher will edit all submissions in order to maximize comprehensibility of content.

Keywords: reading, free materials, student tool

Revista Trabalenguas

Revista Trabalenguas is an audio magazine for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish as a second language. Articles cover topics such as science and technology, culture, sports, Spain, travel. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or listen at the website where you can also read the article as you listen. You may also subscribe to the website via RSS feed. Revista Trabalenguas by María Jesús Abilleira Pomar is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Sin obras derivadas 3.0 España License.

Keyword: listening a la carte
RTVE a la carte offers free access to all online broadcasts from Televisión Española and Radio Nacional de España.

Keyword: current events

RutaEle Revista digital de innovación educativa para profesores de E/LE
RutaEle is a website and a digital magazine with ideas and materials for Spanish teachers as well as activities for the Spanish classroom. Issues are published every four months and each one offers a wide range of activities which can be selected according to level or content. RutaEle is created by a group of Spanish educators who believe in the benefits of sharing materials and ideas.

Keywords: classroom materials, teacher tool


Señora B | Spanish Teacher and Learner

Señora B has a wealth of resources for Spanish teachers: many activities in pdf form covering literature, culture, reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as teaching techniques. This blog is maintained by Spanish teacher Wendy Brownell. You can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by e-mail.

Keyword: classroom materials
Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica


This website offers complete information about the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and Portuguese sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

Keyword:  professional resource

Spanish 411

This website has tools,such as a dictionary and verb conjugator, vocabulary practice, grammar lessons with practice exercises and links to more resources.

Keyword: student tool

Spanish Audio Gazette
The Spanish Audio Gazette offers recordings of various Spanish dialects.   Each recording is accompanied by a transcript with glossed vocabulary.  The recordings may be downloaded as .wav or .mp3 files and the transcripts are available for downloading as Word documents or Adobe pdfs. The Spanish Audio Gazette is a joint project between CHASS and The Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Toronto. Transcriptions relating to culture and language were prepared by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.  Native speakers from different Spanish speaking regions were chosen for the voice recording segment.  CHASS provides technical assistance with the audio recording/editing, web hosting and site design.

Keyword: listening

Spanish CALL Project

Juan Manuel Soto Arriví, Director of Instructional Technology at Indiana University, has created this page of extensive links to grammar explanations and online and printable exercises as well as a very impressive collection of websites dealing with cultural issues.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spanish Career Guide

This site lists all types of employment requiring proficiency in Spanish. The jobs listed are located throughout the United States.

Keyword:  jobs

Spanish Conjugator

The Spanish Institute of Puebla has created a very useful tool for students and teachers. In addition to conjugating all Spanish verbs in every tense, there are comprehensive explanations in Spanish regarding what a verb is (voice, mood, tense, number and person, aspect), how verbs are classified and what each tense means . Click on LINKS in the menu bar to see links to Spanish Language Web Sites which cover a wide variety of topics such as cinema, magazines, online news, online forums, dictionaries, literature, online classes, teaching resources, vocabulary and more.

Keyword: student tool

Spanish-English Word Connections

Steve Schwartzman´s blog offers a continuing series of short articles about the many connections between words in Spanish and English. This blog will appeal to all students and teachers fascinated by etymology.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spanish Fiestas - Spanish Travel Guide

Spanish Fiestas is a very comprehensive guide in English to traveling in Spain. This site offers detailed information on how to travel in Spain, excellent city guides, the top holiday destinations and the top 10 festivals. The amount of information about Spain’s culture is impressive and is a valuable resource for teachers and students. Subscribe to Spanish Fiestas’ blog via RSS.

Keyword:  travel

Spanish in Texas

Spanish Grammar in Context is a website that provides detailed grammar explanations and examples of the Spanish language with accompanying practice questions and quizzes. Each grammar point is illustrated with real-world video examples from Spanish speakers in Texas. These video examples were created as part of the Spanish in Texas project. The purpose of the Spanish in Texas project is to profile Spanish as it is spoken throughout Texas today. Accompanying practice quizzes are available at Spanish Grammar in Context is an open educational resource. Spanish in Texas is part of the 2010-2014 program of the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL), a National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Keyword: student tool

 Spanish in Texas Corpus

This website provides access to a corpus of Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English speech samples culled from interviews and conversations among speakers of diverse personal profiles and regional origins throughout Texas. The Spanish in Texas Corpus currently consists of over 500,000 words from 97 bilingual speakers living in Texas. Video files, audio files, full transcripts, and POS annotations are available for download. Researchers and educators will be given free access to the corpus. Access requires agreeing to abide by the site’s Code of Ethics and registering for an account.

Keyword: professional resource, student tool, teacher tool

SpanishHeritage: Heritage and Native Speakers Teachers

This  listserv is for teachers teaching Spanish to heritage and native speakers. 

Keyword:  professional resource

Spanish Heritage Language Forum

The Spanish Heritage Language Forum (SHL Listserv for short) is sponsored by the Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages. This new resource is designed to facilitate the discussion of issues by teachers who work with students whose native or heritage language is Spanish. SHL Listserv members are invited to read and write messages about topics of interest or concern to the Spanish heritage language community. All messages sent to the list will be approved by the moderator before they are sent to the list.

Keyword:  professional resource

Spanish Institute of Puebla - Newsletters

Each month the Spanish Institute of Puebla offers an online newsletter which covers a variety of topics. Each newsletter has an audio clip so students can listen before, after or as they read the article.

Keyword: reading

Spanish Language: Learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture

Gerald Erichsen is the guide for this site which offers materials for students of Spanish such as a grammar glossary, word of the day, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture, literature, history of Spanish, teaching resources , learning tips and more.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spanish Language & Culture

Barbara Kuczun Nelson of Colby College (Waterville, Maine) created this website of intermediate and advanced Spanish grammar exercises. There are also study modules which use a cultural topic as a point of departure offering reading, listening and grammar practice.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spanish Language News and Magazines

This website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology libraries offers an extensive collection of links to electronic journals, newspapers and magazines in Spanish.

Keyword: reading

Spanish Listening : Learn Real Spanish

Spanish Listening has over 300 videos of native speakers from various countries of the Spanish speaking world speaking on a variety of topics and at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of dificulty.  Each video has a transcript, vocabulary list with audio clips and examples in Spanish, and a quiz to check comprehension.  There is no charge to use Spanish Listening.

Keyword: listening


Spanish Playground  

Spanish Playground offers practical advice and useful material for teaching Spanish to young children.  It is a source for supplemental material, activities, songs and games aswell as music and book recommendations and links to authentic language activities.This website has been created and is maintained by Spanish teacher, Jennifer Brunk. 

Keyword: elementary grades

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Spanish Proficiency Exercises provides a collection of video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from several locations throughout Spain and Latin America discuss a variety of topics ranging from simple (identifying basic objects) to complex (discussing the possible purchase of a car). Vocabulary glossaries, sample sentences and mini-grammar explanations accompany each video clip. The video clips are divided by level of difficulty: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.  Listen to these podcasts online at the website or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

Keyword: listening

Spanish Simply

Tadina Ross, an early elementary Spanish teacher, maintains Spanish Simply to share ideas, photos, games and examples that she has used in her Pre K through 3rd grade Spanish classroom. Subscribe to Spanish Simply via RSS feed.

Keyword: elementary grades

Spanish Speaking online radios

This site offers more than 600 Spanish language online radios categorized by country. There are links to radio station home pages as well as direct links to online broadcast streams and very complete directions on how to listen to these stations.

Keyword: listening


SpanishTown offers free Spanish language learning materials for all levels and all ages. There are free vocabulary lists in PDF format with audio files of native Spanish speakers pronouncing the words and phrases in Spanish. There are also crossword puzzles, word searches and matching activities. Teachers may download and use all Spanish language materials without charge.

Keyword: teacher tool

Spanish Word of the Day

Register for free and Bitesized Languages will e-mail you a Spanish word of the day with an example sentence. You may also choose to receive your word of the day via Twitter or RSS feed.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spanish Word of the Day  

At this web site you can sign up to receive daily e-mails containing Spanish vocabulary items. Each e-mail has an advanced Spanish vocabulary word, a beginning or intermediate word, four basic vocabulary words presented by theme, a Spanish idiom, a slang word or expression, a proverb, four cognates, an advanced Spanish phrase or proverb and a verb. There are sound files which accompany the vocabulary entries. There is no charge to sign up for Spanish Word of the Day.

Keyword: classroom materials

Spark Enthusiasm offers videos, links, power point presentations, ideas, and resources for students and teachers.  Although many of the resources at this website may be used without charge, downloadable thematic units, holiday, vocabulary, and grammar  power points, games, grammar review sheets, inspirational quotes, and creative time savers may be purchased at the Spark Enthusiasm store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Spanish teachers Amy Dunaway-Haney and Kathleen Acosta are the creators of

Keyword: classroom materials is a website rich in resources for Spanish teachers and students. There are class activities, song activities, printable posters, learning tips, a searchable Spanish slang dictionary, country comparisons, Spanish books and lessons and lists of additional websites. Some of these resources are available for purchase while many are offered as freebies. In addition, web masters Jared, a fluent Spanish speaker who learned Spanish as a adult, and Diana, a native Spanish speaker, share their research and personal experiences about local Spanish from across the Spanish-speaking world.

Keyword: student tool, teacher tool


Tabla Periódica de los elementos

Looking for a new context for practicing letters and number? Cross-curricular connections? Take a look at this online periodic table of the elements in Spanish. Place your cursor over an element to see its name in Spanish.

Keyword:  cross-curricular

Taller hispano

Originally created at the behest of the Department of Foreign Languages, United States Air Force Academy,1996/97, Taller hispano identifies appropriate and authentic materials and Spanish resources on the net that relate to selected cultural themes, topics, and vocabulary presented in many textbooks. This site is maintained by Dr. Jean W. LeLoup, Professor of Spanish, Emerita, SUNY College at Cortland.

Keyword: culture 

Teaching Resources for Spanish Class

There are many useful resources at this website: lesson plans for Spanish teachers, Spanish vocabulary lists, Spanish language interactive activities, literature, Spanish worksheets and handouts, Spanish language exams and quizzes, Hispanic culture, neat Spanish teacher tools, PowerPoint presentations, songs and videos for Spanish class, reading comprehension in Spanish, IB Spanish AB-Initio Resources.

Keyword:  lesson plans

Teaching Spanish w/Comprehensible Input

This blog offers excellent resources for teachers interested in comprehensive input-based teaching. Entries cover reading, storytelling and ideas for using technology in the classrooms. Cynthia Hitz, a Spanish teacher from Pennsylvania, is the author of this valuable blog.

Keyword: professional resource


Tecla is an electronic magazine published monthly during the school year by the Consejería de Educación (Embajada de España). Each issue has 3 articles ranging in levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Each article has several exercises and activities for practice and extension. Articles and accompanying materials are downloadable in pfd format.

Keyword: reading


TED Talks en Español

TED Talks in Spanish, with subtitles in English and other languages.

Keyword: podcast

Tesoro lexicográfico del español de Puerto Rico

Access an online lexicographic thesaurus of Puerto Rican Spanish at this site. This thesaurus is the work of the Academia Puertorriqueña de la Lengua Española.

Keyword: dictionary

TIC Beat - Noticias de tecnología y análisis para entusiastas y empresas

TIC Beat is a news service from Madrid with articles about technology.  TIC is the abbreviation for Tecnología de la Información y la Comunicación. 

Keyword: reading

TodoEle has been created by and for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. This site offers many resources related to teaching Spanish, including a collection of Spanish grammar exercises, organized by grammatical topic.

Keyword: classroom materials


Tourism in Spain

This is Spain´s official tourism portal for the Tourist Offices of Spain in the U.S. There is a wealth of information about regions and cities of Spain.

Keyword:  travel


This is a free daily news site offered by the Smithsonian for use by K-12 grade teachers and students. Each day the most compelling, relevant and interesting news are posted. These stories are selected working closely with professional journalists. Students can comment upon these stories as well as submit their own stories and photos. Teachers can choose to create a customizable page with student log-ins.

Keyword: reading

Tu Tradición Latina

Salvador Toro-Moya, professional musician and experienced in music education, has created this website for the purpose of sharing the knowledge and pleasure of traditional Latin American music. Several countries are represented with podcasts offering information about the artist as well as a sampling of the artist´s work. Toro-Moya speaks at a normal speed and is easy to understand. These podcasts can be downloaded from the website or subscribed to via iTunes and RSS. 

Keyword:  music

Turisme de Barcelona

Turisme de Barcelona offers a wealth of information about Barcelona.

Keyword:  travel


Turis Valencia offers a wealth of information about Valencia as well as practical advice for planning a trip.

Keyword:  travel

Últimas noticias de Latinoamérica por Infobae América | América
This website from Argentina offers the latest news from Latin America and around the world--items of current interest, politics, business, economy, society, technology, sports, general entertainment, editorial opinions. Videos and lots of photos accompany the stories.

Keyword: current events

Vamos a leer

Vamos a Leer is a blog that started as a monthly book group to support educators who wanted to bring more Latin American content into their classrooms. It has expanded into a blog with educator's guides that support the chosen books. Each guide includes background on the author and book, thematic lessons and activities, and resources to support or extend the use of the book in the classroom. The lesson plans and activities encourage the teaching of literacy through the content areas and are linked to the Common Core Standards used in New Mexico. The books are chosen for students in grades 3-12. Vamos a Leer was created by the Latin American and Iberian Institute at the University of New Mexico.

Keyword: reading

Verbix – conjugate Spanish verbs

The goal of Verbix, an independent non-profit organization, is to promote and protect linguistic diversity. This site offers free verb conjugations for hundreds of languages, ranging from national and international languages to regional and even extinct languages.

Keyword: student tool

VideoEle - Curso online gratis con vídeos de español para extranjeros e inmigrantes

VideoEle offers free videos and related activities for Spanish students.  Each video lasts approximately 3 to 6 minutes and emphasizes one or more of the following:  lexicon, communicative functions, grammatical elements or sociocultural aspects. Each video has a transcript, teaching guide, interactive activities.

Keyword:  teacher tool


Vikidia is an online encyclopedia wiki for children. It is available in French, Spanish, Italian, Catalán, English and Russian. The site focuses on presenting articles suitable for children from eight to thirteen years of age.

Keyword: student tool

The Virtual Spanish Classroom

The Virtual Spanish Classroom offers a wealth of resources for learning Spanish. Posted materials include activities for listening, reading, grammar, writing, culture, music and vocabulary practice.

Keyword: classroom materials, student tool, teacher tool

Web de La Tuna

La Tuna is the home page of the Spanish university student organization of the same name dedicated to keeping alive the folk music and traditions inherited from the past. Choose selections from a menu that includes customs, period costumes, history, and songs. You can listen to these songs while reading the accompanying lyrics. An English version is available.

Keyword: culture

Wikipicto: Diccionario con pictogramas

Wikipicto is a dictionary of words defined by pictures rather than definitions. This is a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) project of Pictoaplicaciones, developed by Grupo Promedia, which has its headquarters in Santiago de Compostela. Users may adapt and share these materials as long as they link to the original website, do not use or sell these materials for profit, and share any adaptation of these materials or derivative work under an identical license.

Keywords: dictionary, teacher tool

Wordplay – Spanish Vocabulary Game
Wordplay is a free online game that helps students practice Spanish vocabulary. While playing the game, students learn the pronunciation, spelling and meaning of each word. The game adjusts to each student´s needs and provides vocabulary reviews that automatically change in frequency based on the student´s demonstrated skill. Wordplay includes many features designed to support teachers. Teachers can customize the game´s content, track their students and monitor their progress. Tom Butt is the founder of Wordplay Learning LLC

Keyword: student tool

Yabla - Language Immersion - Learn Languages with Authentic Videos

Yabla is a video subscription service which provides a wide variety of authentic programming, including TV clips, music, film, news reports, interviews and more. You can choose to have subtitles and translations appear under the video and clicking on a word will search for its definition in the dictionary pane. The play back can be slowed down so the speech is slower, or put on a loop to repeat a certain word or phrase. Click the play game button to start the listening/cloze exercise and type in the missing word. Yabla is similar to LoMásTv, but vetted with content suitable for younger learners. There is a single user monthly fee of $14.95

Keyword: listening


Zachary Jones’s Actualidades blog is being retired and replaced by his new website, Zambombazo. Zambombazo is a rich source of activities for Spanish students. Activities about art, music and movies, puzzles, thematic readings, TV clips, vocabulary activities, songs with accompanying cloze activities are among topics covered. Nearly every single day, new worksheets are posted on Zambombazo. They are listed as "Worksheets” under "Temática” in the sidebar. These worksheets are available at no charge for a limited time. Periodically, the older materials are archived into ebooks, which contain an extensive amount of activities, for a reasonable price. These ebooks may be purchased on Zambombazo at the Visit Our Store link. Zachary Jones, a Spanish teacher, and Betsy Jones are the editors and main authors of this blog.

Keyword: classroom materials

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