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6/3/2020 » 6/5/2020
El Círculo de Estudios de la Literatura Picaresca y Celestinesca (CELPYC) 2020 Conf.

NECTFL Webinar: Building a Community Response to Crisis

CFP: 13th Innovation in Language Learning International Conference

CALL for Digital Presentations: L2DL 2020: Critical Transnational ...

6/9/2020 » 6/13/2020
Language Testing Research Colloquium

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Date: Sunday, July 12, 2020

Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $25

*Disclaimer: All Workshops Will Be Scheduled At The Same Time And Date. Attendees Should Register For Only One.


W-1: Veinticinco excelentes estrategias educativas que reemplazan la pasividad con interactividad en cualquier clase de idiomas
Presenter: Elizabeth Jimenez Salinas; GEMAS Consulting, Brea, CA

Los estudiantes de idiomas necesitan muchas oportunidades significativas para el desarrollo del lenguaje oral para obtener dominio oral y sentar las bases para una lectura y escritura fluidas. Este taller está lleno de actividades de generación de lenguaje que requieren poca o ninguna preparación y se puede usar de inmediato para (1) determinar el conocimiento previo de los estudiantes, (2) revisar el contenido aprendido previamente y (3) verificar la comprensión con estudiantes de todas las edades. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-1 workshop. 


W-2: Fostering Digital Literacy: Hands-on Practice with Effective Apps for 21st Century L2 Teaching and Learning
Presenters: Holly Nibert, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Richard Henricksen, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Anthony Palmiscno, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio; Leila Vieira, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Recently our university embarked on a digital initiative to increase student engagement and digital literacy through active learning. During this workshop (a natural extension of our ACTFL 2019 presentation), we will share our process and experiences to date selecting and leveraging various productivity apps for the Spanish language curriculum. At least 4 apps will be presented, along with sample activities for each one, an analysis of the new possibilities facilitated, and hands-on practice to prepare attendees to experiment with apps in their own teaching.

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-2 workshop. 


W-3: How to Get Funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other Federal Agencies
Presenters: Anne Fountain, San Jose State University (retired), San Jose, CA; Michael Conniff, San Jose State University (retired), San Jose, CA

Two AATSP members with 30+ years of experience in getting grants from NEH and other Federal Agencies explain: which options are best for individuals; which are best for AATSP members; how to search for information; how to write strong proposals; and how applications are evaluated. Participants will get information on NEH summer seminars & institutes for high school & college teachers, summer research options & more and can practice with applications, get feedback, and ask questions. Handouts include sample application materials and presenter emails for follow-up. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-3 workshop. 


W-4: The World-Readiness "Connection" Standard: Making Language Learning Purposeful for Real-World Interactions 
Presenter: Linda Egnatz, Global Seal of Biliteracy, Frankfort, IL

The World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages are powerful drivers of student engagement and should used to enhance the effectiveness of any language learning environment. Often, the Communication and Culture standards are the language educator's main focus; but to truly excite and engage learners, we must focus on the Real-World opportunities to be found in the Connections standard. This workshop will provide research, interactions with resources and strategies to share the real-world value and purposes of language credentials for HS and university students. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-4 workshop. 


W-5: World Languages + Code = Interactive Experiences 
Presenters: Tiffany Freda, St. George's School, Middletown, RI; Emma Bartnick, Middletown, RI

As computer science filters into every discipline, why not World Languages? Tiffany Freda's Spanish students partnered with Emma Bartnick's Coding students to create Spanish learning games that get them up and moving while practicing TWO new languages - Spanish and javascript. By coding simple interactive games that use motion sensors, students can engage with course content in a new way. Participants will experience student-made games, brainstorm how their own students could benefit from this technological intervention and will be able to create their own. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-5 workshop. 


W-6: “El mundo se convierte en lo que enseñamos”: Developing Solutionary Skills in the Language Classroom 
Presenter: Stacy Hoult-Saros, Valprasio Univeristy, Valprasio, IN

Do you believe that a relevant, solution-focused education holds the key to building a more just, humane, and sustainable world? This workshop offers a roadmap for bringing a solutionary practice to your language teaching, enabling your students to:

  • Identify problems and grapple with issues that personally concern them.
  • Develop empathy.
  • Become more proficient researchers, strategists, and critical and systems thinkers.
    Experience real-world accomplishments and the joy, self-confidence, and sense of purpose that comes from that. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-6 workshop. 


W-7: Transform Your Literature Class with ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessments 
Presenters: Mark Darhower, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina; Dawn Smith Sherwood, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA

Participants will learn about ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) as a tool for continuing oral proficiency development in L2 literature classes. We begin with an overview of the IPA including research findings on its implementation in K-12 and post-secondary contexts. Then we will guide participants in the construction of level-appropriate interpersonal IPA tasks for their teaching context. Participants will learn how to implement co-constructed feedback sessions with their learners and will discuss rubrics to be used for assessing IPA activities. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-7 workshop. 


W-8: Negotiating Rigor and Academic Development in Secondary Immersion 
Presenters: Ofelia Wade, Utah Dual Language Immersion Team, Salt Lake City, UT; Leo Valladares, Utah Dual Language Immersion Team, Salt Lake City, UT

As DLI programs progress into secondary, a need emerges to examine design, curriculum, and pedagogy to address the specific needs of the DLI learner and program outcomes. Utah Spanish DLI has adapted and articulated curriculum and pedagogy for the instruction of rigorous content in the immersion language that is highly aligned to the academic and language proficiency outcomes of the program. Participants will interact with pedagogical tools in order to understand how to engage students in academically and linguistically challenging courses. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-8 workshop. 


W-9: Cultural Learning Experiences in Classroom Using Technology your Students Already Bring with Them! 
PresenterJeff Longwell, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

This session encourages Spanish and Portuguese teachers to have students use their technology in the f2f and/or online classroom, and not put it away. We will discover ways to help students use their own devices that will then help them engage and extend their learning of languages and culture beyond the classroom in their everyday lives. We will see how to make activities, use readily available apps and other programs to engage with culture. Bring pictures, selfies, videos and other media gathered while in Puerto Rico to put it to use in this hands-on experience! 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-9 workshop. 


W-10: Applying a Proficiency-Informed Approach to Syllabus Design 
Presenters: Leah Graham, ACTFL, Alexandra, VA; Camelot Marshall, ACTFL, Alexandria, VA

The presenters will discuss the features of a proficiency-informed syllabus. They will discuss how achievement, performance and proficiency can work together to form the foundation of a rich approach to language instruction. Presenters will then facilitate hands-on activities in which attendees revise their own language course syllabi. Participants will leave with a proficiency-informed syllabus to frame language instruction and the ability to interpret and apply ACTFL Proficiency and Performance guidelines and Can-Do statements. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-10 workshop.


W-11: Tools for Student Reflection and Goal Setting: Engaging Learners in Their Learning Process 
Presenters: Parthena Draggett, Vista Higher Learning, Boston, MA; Norah Jones, Vista Higher Learning, Boston, MA

This workshop will focus on empowering students to reflect on their own progress in Spanish and Portuguese communication. Participants will explore toolds that help learners to evaluate and describe their strengths in the three modes of communication through various tasks, and to also identify areas that need improvement for goal setting along their paths to proficiency. 

Click here to purchase a ticket for the W-11 workshop.

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