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Classroom Resources: Websites of Interest - Portuguese



  • provides the URLs for more than 400 websites that are useful for teachers of world languages
  • provides a review of each of the websites listed
  • is divided into three language categories
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Multilingual

The websites listed offer content that includes…

  • classroom activities and materials
  • teaching tools such as graphic organizers and essay maps
  • cultural information
  • online dictionaries, newspapers and magazines
  • radio programs, podcasts, ebooks, songs, films, stories, cartoons
  • virtual museum visits
  • professional resources for world language teachers

The reviews of each website

  • provides a summary of website content
  • indicates who might benefit from using the website
  • describes the degree of difficulty of the material found on the website
  • explains whether or not there is a cost to use the website
  • provides instructions on how to subscribe to the website when pertinent

The AATSP is pleased to highlight these cultivated, quality websites as potential resources of interest to educators of Spanish and Portuguese. The websites may focus specifically on Spanish or Portuguese, or they may be generic in nature and useful to many languages. They have been selected for their rich content, and the AATSP receives no remuneration for linking to these resources. 

Use your browser´s FIND command and the following keywords to navigate this list:  app, art, business, classroom materials, cross-curricular, culture, current events, dictionary, elementary grades, film, free materials, health, heritage learners, jobs, journal, law, language for specific purposes, lesson plans, listening, music, professional resource, reading, student tool, teacher tool, technology, travel, writing.





BBC Brasil


This is the Portuguese language site for the BBC World News service with focus upon Brazil and Portugal. RSS feed is available. 


Keyword: current events


BBC - Languages – Portuguese

At this site there are links to Portuguese Quick Fix (essential phrases in Portuguese), Talk Portuguese (an introduction to the language in ten short parts with slide shows and video clips set in Portugal and Brazil and useful phrases with sound and quizzes) and the opportunity to subscribe to the monthly BBC Languages newsletter which features current highlights from the Languages site.

Keyword: student tool

Best Portuguese Web Sites

Jim Becker, Professor Emeritus at the University of Northern Iowa, has created an extensive collection of annotated Portuguese web resources.

Keyword:  teacher tool


 This podcast that covers all of the major grammar points and tons of vocabulary in Portuguese. It’s not one of those repeat-after-me audio learning methods, but it shows you how to use what you learn in each lesson to make new phrases in Portuguese.

 Keyword:  classroom materials

Café Brasil podcast                        


This weekly podcast covers a wide range of subjects along with lots of music. Each episode is about 25 minutes in length and provides entertaining listening practice for intermediate and advanced students. Listen to this podcast online at the website or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.


Keyword: listening


Camões Instituto da Cooperação e da Lingua Portugal


 Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, this website is a treasure trove of material for learning all facets of the language. Under “A Ler” (“reading”) there’s an assortment of books including story books (with accompanying audio!), mini biographies (with accompanying quizzes!) and a reference guide for everyday situations. Check out “A Falar” (“speaking”) for videos about spoken Portuguese, “A Ouvir” (“listening”) for a variety of audio exercises, and “A Brincar” (“playing”) for some games. The site is entirely in Portuguese, but some sections contain translations into English and French.


Keyword:  classroom materials


 CBTV Canal Brasil        


CBTV Canal Brasil for iOS, Android and Roku is a completely free, live TV channel  geared toward Brazilians living in the United States. It broadcasts from Florida and includes news, sports, history, health, and more.  Because it’s intended for native Brasileiros, the content is pretty advanced.


Keywords:  current events, listening



 Cinem(ação) is one of the most popular film-related podcasts in Brazil. It airs weekly, with lively and funny hosts chatting about one or more films released that week.


 Keyword:  classroom materials





ClicaBrasil offers a series of lessons for intermediate-level students of Portuguese. Aspects of Brazilian culture are highlighted by lesson topics and by the use of videos of Brazilians from all walks of life talking about their lives, their country, and their numerous activities. All lessons integrate reading, writing, listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, oral communication, and cultural activities, using the videos and PDF files as points of departure.


Keyword: classroom materials


 Conta-me Tudo


 This podcast is dedicated to amazing, funny and incredible stories. Each episode features a different speaker telling his or her fascinating tale to an audience. Topics are varied and include narrow escapes from death, odd ways to begin a career, and a terrible idea for a birthday present. The speakers all speak quickly, so the stories are perfect for advanced learners.


 Keyword:  listening

Conversa Brasileira

Conversa Brasileira offers a compilation of brief video clips in which Brazilians talk about a whole series of different topics, everything from hobbies to shopping for friends who are going to visit. Each video offers closed captioning and PDF notes, transcripts and translations as well as a user discussion blog. This site provides listening practice for intermediate and advanced students of Portuguese. Listen to this podcast online at the website or subscribe via iTunes or RSS feed.

Keyword: listening

Free eBooks for your iPad, smartphone or eBook reader 

Matthew McClintock maintains this site which offers 27,035 free ebooks in 35 languages. Many of these ebooks are from 2003 Project Gutenberg. There are 372 titles available in Portuguese. This site has a RSS feed.

Keyword: reading

Jornal de Notícias         


This is a Portuguese news site with articles, videos, editorials, and more. This news site provides authentic material for in class or out of class work for intermediate to advanced language learners.


Keyword:  current events


Learn Portuguese | Conjuguemos is an online workbook which stores practice activities such as verb conjugation, vocabulary and grammar graded activities, flashcards, crosswords, worksheets and other printable resources. Teachers can create their own activities and quizzes.

Keyword:  teacher tool

Learn Portuguese with Rafa

Rafa’s website is focused on European Portuguese for beginners, but it also explains some key differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese. Here, you will find detailed info on nearly every feature of European Portuguese grammar, including verb moods, conjunctions, general everyday phrases and more.

Keyword:  classroom materials



LibriVox´s goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. Several Portuguese books have been recorded. To find these, go to and click on the advanced search and select Portuguese as the search option. These Portuguese recordings are also available as free podcasts on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Store and search for LibriVox Portuguese. 

Keyword: listening

Língua da gente


Língua de gente is a new Portuguese podcast series launched by the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) at the University of Texas.  Nearly 50 audio lessons are available, including the lesson audio, dialogue audio and dialogue transcripts and translations.  Each lesson includes a brief dialogue based on a common situation that might be encountered in the Lusophone world.  In addition to the free podcast lessons, COERLL has partnered with to provide Língua da gente materials for the tablet or mobile device. The COERLL lessons are free, but with a subscription to, learners will receive additional resources for mobile learning (e.g. lesson exercises and flashcards).  Go to a for more information.


Keyword:  listening


Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre!

At Lingro users can enter a website address to make all the words on that web page clickable. Clicking on an unknown word will open a translation of the word. Lingro´s dictionaries are available in eleven languages, including Portuguese. Lingro also creates a list of websites visited as well as a personal word list which provides content for a flashcard game.

Keyword: dictionary

Português Língua Estrangeira e Segunda

This group is for all persons interested in promoting the teaching of Portuguese as a second language. The language of the group is Portuguese.

Keyword:  professional resource

Portuguese Language News and Magazines

This website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology libraries offers an extensive collection of links to electronic journals, newspapers and magazines in Portuguese. 

Keyword: reading


PortuguesePod101 has lessons for absolute beginners right through to advanced learners. Each episode comes with a PDF summary of the dialogue for you to follow along with while you listen. A second PDF with complete lesson notes is available to premium members. You can access many of the lessons with a free account, but you do need a paid membership to access every lesson.


Keyword:  classroom materials


 Portuguêses no Mundo


 This free podcast is about a topic that many language learners love: world travel. In  each episode, the host interviews a Portuguese person who’s living in another country.  Hear their stories about what it’s like to move away from Portugal and start a new life  overseas, from Japan to Oman to Angola and beyond. This podcast is useful for  Portuguese learners because each episode follows the same structure. The host asks  the same questions to each guest (“Why did you move to that country?”, “What  surprised you the most about living there?”, “What do you miss most about Portugal?”, etc.). However, the responses of the guests are very diverse, keeping this podcast fascinating.


 Keyword:  listening


Portuguese Word of the Day

Register for free and Transparent Languages will e-mail you a Portuguese word of the day with an example sentence. You may also choose to receive your word of the day via Twitter or RSS feed.

Keyword:  student tool

 Practice Portuguese 

 Practice Portuguese is geared toward Portuguese learners who have an intermediate level of reading comprehension, but still have trouble with listening comprehension. The speaker’s voice is slow and clear, which is perfect for listeners who are still getting used to spoken Portuguese.  Also, if you’ve been studying Brazilian Portuguese and want to get an introduction to the European dialect, this is a great place to start.

 Keyword:  listening

Rádio ONU

This is the Portuguese language site for United Nations Radio. Each story can be listened to online or downloaded and saved. RSS feed is available.

Keyword: listening

Realia Resources | Portuguese

This is a collection of 29 pieces of realia collected in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2010. This collection can be downloaded into a zip file.

Keyword:  teacher tool


 This Brazilian news site was made especially for children.  The news stories are simplified in terms of language (it uses vocab that kids know) and content (it avoids concepts that kids are too young to understand). There are even videos of child news reporters interviewing Brazilian celebrities.

 Keyword:  listening

Tá Falado

This website offers 46 podcast lessons that cover the pronunciation and grammar of Portuguese and are specifically designed to help those who already speak Spanish. The lessons are built around dialogs performed by two Portuguese speakers. These dialogs are repeated in Spanish, thereby providing a direct comparison of the two languages. All lessons include downloadable PDF files with the transcripts and notes, mp3 audio files, and blog discussions. All of the dialogs present cultural scenarios that illustrate differences between North American and Brazilian culture. 

Keyword: classroom materials

TareasPlus em Portugues    

TareasPlus offers high-quality math, science, business, technology and language instructional videos in Spanish. At present there are more than 1130 videos available. Many of these videos may be used without a fee.  There is a TareasPlus app available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Keyword: cross-curricular

Verbix – conjugate Portuguese verbs 


The goal of Verbix, an independent non-profit organization, is to promote and protect linguistic diversity. This site offers free verb conjugations for hundreds of languages, ranging from national and international languages to regional and even extinct languages.

Keyword: student tool

 Visiokids: Ciência para Crianças

 Learn fun science facts from this interesting children’s program while practicing your Portuguese listening comprehension.

 Keyword:  listening




RTP is Portugal’s public broadcasting network, and Zigzag is its section devoted to kids’ videos. Most are educational, covering geography, history, and general fun facts. Each video is short enough to watch in a few minutes.


Keyword:  listening


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