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6/18/2018 » 6/22/2018
Global Education Leaders Program 2018

6/20/2018 » 6/22/2018
Asociación Hispánica de Humanidades IX CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL

6/21/2018 » 6/24/2018

Session Proposal Form
Session Proposal (30 minutes or 75 minutes)

A session treats topics related to the teaching and learning of language, literature, linguistics and/or culture of the Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking world. Sessions can have one to three presenters who explain or describe the topic in an engaging format to the attendees; discussion is encouraged.
A session can be 30 minutes or 75 minutes in length. NOTE: Session presenters should avoid reading a paper to the attendees.
Sessions submitted on similar topics may be combined by the AATSP into 75-minute sessions, in which case the presenters are informed and are expected to share the allotted time.
Please complete the form below if you would like your proposal to be considered for a session presentation. If you would like to go back to view other types of proposals, click here.
Please provide the name of the moderator, or chair of the session. If only one presenter is part of this submission, complete the information requested for the Chair/Moderator. Skip to the end of the form and complete the Agreement section. Then click submit.
Additional information is available by scrolling your mouse over field names that are underlined. 
If you are not a member in good standing, please renew your dues to become current, or if you are not yet a member of the AATSP, please click here: "Become a Member Join Now."


Limit of 15 words. If this is a panel, provide a summary title. Space will be provided for individual titles for each panel presenter later in this form.
Limit of 75 words. This information will be used in the Conference Program. If this is a panel, summarize the content of the panel session.

Presenters will be scheduled into rooms with equipment as requested below.

Projection screens are available in every room at no charge. Data (LCD) projectors are available at no charge to presenters who order the equipment before the end of online registration.

Computer PCs are available to rent at the list price from the supplier. The final cost is to be determined, however, the approximate cost is expected to be $200.00.

Once proposals are accepted, presenters will be required to order their equipment when they register for the conference. Payment for PCs will be required at the time of registration.

Onsite equipment orders are possible, however they are subject to list prices plus a $50 late fee.

Not available: overhead projectors, slide projectors, CD or video players, computer speakers or MAC wiring.


A moderator or chair of a session is responsible for organizing the presenters, serving as the main point of contact with the AATSP for this session, sharing information regarding the scheduling of the session with other presenters and moderating the presentation at the conference. Chairs may also be presenters at their session.

Provide the name and contact information of the moderator or chair of this session as it should appear in the Conference Program.

If there are multiple persons involved in this session, complete the information requested for each.

If you are the only person in this session and have completed the Chair/Moderator portion, please skip the portion on Presenters 1-3.

If there are multiple persons involved in the session, provide requested information on each.

Complete the Agreements portion at the end of this form before sumbitting.

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