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Justin White

College/University Representative

Justin White

Florida Atlantic University; Boca Raton, FL

Summary of CV

Dr. Justin Patrick White is an Associate Professor of Spanish, and Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program at Florida Atlantic University. His primary research interests and most recent endeavors are based in the area of instructional Second Language Acquisition. His most recent work, "The effect of input-based instruction type on the acquisition of Spanish accusative clitics" (Hispania, 2015), project from the role of input in SLA to various input types. Of interest are isolated implicit variables inherent in Structured Input (SI) activities compared with other input-based instructional types such as Input Flood, Text Enhancement, alone, and in combination with, each other. Some other publication venues include Studies in Second Language Acquisition, the International Review of Applied Linguistics, and he has a forthcoming co-authored book chapter on interactive tasks in the language classroom with Routledge. He is currently working on a manuscript that involves interviews with the original GiGi Stars – Hemingway’s neighborhood youth league in Cuba.

Additionally, he is currently the Vice Chair for the Special Interest Group for Research for ACTFL, a annual presenting member at regional, national, and international conferences annually, and he is actively conducting community outreach by offering language teaching workshops to neighboring institutions. He believes in community engagement and integrates Academic-service Learning at various levels of the Spanish language curriculum.

Read Justin White's Full CV (PDF)

Statement of Candidacy

I am an Associate Professor of Spanish/Second Language Acquisition, and Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program Florida Atlantic University. I have directed a large diverse language program for six years, lead workshops on language teaching/acquisition at neighboring institutions, and published research on both.

I have a range of research and pedagogical interests which include input processing, the role instruction plays in SLA, interactive task design and development, and Academic-service Learning. I am also interested in implementing what we know about language acquisition through research and theory in the design of hybrid-language programs. Of particular interest are the creation and implementation of psycholinguistically motivated materials into the L2 hybrid-course design. I view SLA research being at the core of decisions we make in language instruction and I seek to increase awareness and accessibility for educators and researchers to these findings. I also view the textbook publishers’ role in providing sound materials as instrumental in this process.

If elected I anticipate contributing the dialogue on both the research and pedagogical fronts at the local (Florida Foreign Language Association) and national / international levels (ACTFL, AATSP). I will bring to the table my range of interests and areas of expertise to AATSP in order to further teacher training and program development. I am also organized and a forward thinker that seeks to contribute to our profession in both research and praxis.

View video of Justin White reading his statement of candidacy.

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