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CFP: Ninth Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas

CFP: L2 Digital Literacies (L2DL) Symposium - Participation, Equity, and Inclusion

5/22/2018 » 5/23/2018
Workshop: Promoting Cultural Proficiency to Boost Outcomes for All Students

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Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains

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Ana Sánchez-Muñoz

College / University Representative

Ana Sánchez-Muñoz 

California State University-Northridge; Northridge, CA


Paragraph CV

Dr. Sánchez-Muñoz was born in Spain, where she lived until she graduated from the University of Salamanca with a B.A. in Philology (major in English Linguistics and Literatures of the English-speaking countries with minors in French and Italian). Sánchez-Muñoz moved to the U.S. in the year 2000 and she started her doctoral studies in 2001. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics and later got a second Ph.D. form the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2011.

She is Associate Professor in the Departments of Chicana/o Studies and Linguistics at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), where she teaches Spanish for Heritage Speakers as well as other courses in Chicana/o Studies and Linguistics such as Language Acquisition and Language Development in Chicana/o and ESL Speakers.

Dr. Sánchez-Muñoz’ research interests include language variation and change, bilingualism, language acquisition, and situations of language contact. In particular, Dr. Sánchez-Muñoz is interested in situations of contact between Spanish and English in the U.S. and in studying how Spanish is developed, used, and maintained by heritage speakers of Spanish in the U.S.

Dr. Sánchez-Muñoz has conducted research on language variation of linguistic registers in speakers of Spanish as a heritage and as a second language. In recent years, she has been exploring the characteristics of heritage learners of Spanish and investigating pedagogical approaches for the promotion and creation of language programs specifically designed for the needs of heritage learners.

Read Ana Sánchez-Muñoz's Full CV (PDF)

Statement of Candidacy

My name is Dr. Ana Sánchez-Muñoz. I am a Dr. in Linguistics and Professor of Chicana/o Studies and Linguistics at California State University Northridge in Los Angeles, California. At Cal State Northridge, I teach a variety of linguistics and language courses including Spanish for Heritage Speakers.

I have been a member of the AATSP for almost a decade now and I have been active in my local chapter of Southern California, one of the largest chapters of the Association. I was president of the AATSP/So-Cal chapter for two years (2010-2012).

I first would like to thank the members of my chapter for their trust in nominating me as university representative candidate for the next AATSP elections. As university representative, my foremost goal would be to think of new ways of creating bridges for university professionals to interact with colleagues at other levels including community colleges and the K-16 system, public and private, and to come up with new and creative ways to promote the study and learning of Spanish in the U.S. Additionally, I would like to draw on my own research and expertise as a linguist focusing on U.S. Spanish and tap into the rich resources available in our own local Hispanic communities. Since the U.S. is one the countries with most Spanish speakers in the world, that offers us numerous opportunities, challenges and possibilities.

Thank you all for considering my candidacy.

Dr. Ana Sánchez-Muñoz

View video of Ana Sánchez-Muñoz reading her statement of candidacy.

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